5% of all sales go to Many Tears + FREE delivery on EVERYTHING!

How It Works

How It Works

Before reading this section we strongly advise you to read our About Us Page to get an understanding of how we introduced ourselves to the Many Tears Animal Rescue Team and how our partnership works. 

So how can you help? Follow these steps! 

Step 1:

See what Dog Food is needed through the "Support Many Tears Tabs"

 Step 2:

You can then choose between Adult Dog Food and Puppy Food.

 Step 3:

Click on your option, in this case, we have chosen to support that adult dogs at the shelter:

Step 4:

Select whether you would like to make a one-off donation or a recurring monthly donation:

step 4 Many Tears

 Step 5:

Confirm your donation:

Step 5 Many Tears

Step 6:

You will now be taken to the payment gateway page, enter your details and hit the Donate button:

Step 6 Many Tears

Step 7:

You will then be taken to the confirmation page:

step 7 Many Tears

And that's it you have officially donated to a bag of food to Many Tears, your bag of donated dog food will then be delivered by one of our couriers to the shelter, oh and of course 5% of the sale will also go back to helping Many Tears.

If anything is unclear please do not hesitate to contact one of the team with the instant chat feature on this website or our email: info@theanimalwelfarecompany.co.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the speed in which we had to launch to help Many Tears the recurring donations will be taken out on the same date of each month you first pledged to help.


Thanks from everyone here at The Animal Welfare Company and Many Tears.