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Chudleys Senior 15kg

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Chudleys Senior 15kg

Product Information

 Chudleys Senior Dog Food is a complete diet for all dogs as they reach old age and it can also be fed in advance of the onset of old age to help reduce the incidence of the signs of ageing. It is formulated to provide nutritional support for the musculo-skeletal and immune systems and to help nutritionally maintain a healthy heart. Furthermore it contains ingredients to support skin and coat condition and the digestive system.

  • Chudleys Senior is a complete dry dog food
  • Chudleys Senior is a rich in chicken
  • Formulated for the older dog
  • Enhanced flavour, as older dogs tend to experience a loss in taste sensation
  • A close ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids to maintain skin and coat quality
  • Contains slowly digested carbohydrate and added dietary fibre to maintain healthy gut function
  • Mobility herbs for the nutritional support of joints and muscles, which may be beneficial to dogs suffering from stiffness