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Pedigree Adult Dog with Beef & Veg 15kg

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Pedigree Adult Dog with Beef & Veg 15kg

From over 40 years' experience, we believe that dogs have four universal needs: Skin & Coat, Immune system, Digestion and Dental Care. That's why the dry bags of PEDIGREE® VITAL PROTECTION™ are designed to deliver nutrition that addresses these four needs: the products help support a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat, good digestion, and also help to clean your dog's teeth. PEDIGREE® VITAL PROTECTION™ helps keep your dog healthy and full of vitality.
Extra info:

  • The optimal calcium-phosphorous balance for forming strong bones and teeth
  • Vitamin E for strong bodily defences
  • Important proteins support the development of muscle fibres and provide healthy, strong muscles
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support the development of healthy skin and glossy fur
  • The natural source DHA of fish oil supports healthy development of the brain and eyes


Cereals, meat and animal derivatives (including 4% 5 kinds of meat), oils and fats (including 0.2% fish oil, 0.2% sunflower oil), derivatives of vegetable origin (including 2% dried beet pulp), minerals (including 0.7% sodium tripolyphosphate), antioxidants, preservatives.


Nutritional dietary additives/kg:
Vitamin A 14300 IU, vitamin D3 1308 IU, vitamin E 207 mg, vitamin B1 11 mg, vitamin B2 35 mg, vitamin B6 14 mg, vitamin B9 2.7 mg, vitamin B12 0.1 mg, vitamin B5 87 mg, vitamin B3 87 mg, biotin 0.5 mg, calcium iodate water-free 2.8 mg, copper sulphate-pentahydrate 27 mg, manganese sulpate monohydrate 176 mg, sodium selenite 0.2 mg, zinc sulphate-monohydrate 415 mg.

Manufacturer's feeding suggestions per pet in g/day:

Pedigree Adult - Tasty Meat Medley is a complete feed.

Dog's weight Portion in g
5 kg 100
10 kg 165
15 kg 225
20 kg 280
25 kg 330
30 kg 380

Food portions should be adapted to your dog's activity levels, breed and age. Allow time for switching from your pet's old food to Pedigree. Fresh water should always be available. Keep well sealed in a cool, dry place.